Custom Blackout Window Curtains and Drapes

Custom Curtains, Cushions and Made-to-Measure Drapes

Think about it

When it comes to drapery, why are your only options either custom made, highly overpriced curtains that offend your intelligence, or mass produced, low quality drapes that offend your home?
We looked for an answer all of year 2017.
And then we launched our first little store in New York in 2018!

A Return to The Roots

We've scoured the bustling bazaars of Asia and Europe for design inspiration. We've met directly with textile manufacturers exporting into Europe and Americas. And we handpicked a small (but mighty) team of expert tailors and seamstresses with decades of experience in hand stitching soft window treatments.

By going directly to places where fabrics are designed and come from, working with local craftsmen and communities, and selling directly to customers, we've essentially removed all middlemen between you and a gorgeous pair of fair-priced, hand-stitched curtains.

Spiffy. Isn't it?

Fair-priced, hand-stitched curtains